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12thAnnual Conference of the
International Speech Communication Association


Interspeech 2011 Florence

Paper Preparation & Online Submission


Paper Format

Only full papers of up to 4 pages will be accepted at Interspeech 2011. The latest date for submission will be Thursday 31st March 2011, and this date will not be extended.

To ensure a coherent style in the Proceedings, please use one of the templates (Latex, Microsoft Word, Open Office) provided in the authors' kit:

The kit also contains an example PDF file for the submission format:

General Information

  • All manuscripts must be in English.
  • The paper must be no longer than four (4) pages.
  • The paper must have a suitable structure, for example it will contain: Title; Authors; Affiliations; Abstract; Index Terms; Introduction/Background; Methods; Results; Discussion/Conclusions; References.
  • All papers submitted to Interspeech 2011 must be original contributions that neither have been submitted to any other conference or journal, nor will be submitted to any other conference or journal during the review process of Interspeech 2011. It is also a condition that at least one author of an accepted paper is registered by the early registration deadline, or the paper will be withdrawn and not published in the proceedings.
  • All submitted papers must adhere to the format, length and style specified in the authors' kit. Please use the templates provided to ensure a coherent style in the Proceedings. Templates are provided for Latex, Microsoft Word, and Open Office. In particular:
    • Paper size is A4.
    • Type-1 (outline) Times-Roman font is strongly preferred. Do not use type-3 (bitmap) fonts.
    • Do not split tables or figures across columns or pages.
  • The paper should include "Index Terms" after the abstract. This will help people find and cite your work, as well as making it easier to evaluate the contribution of the papers in our journals and conferences. No standard list of terms is provided, but please use generally understandable terms, e.g. "speech synthesis, unit selection, join cost", or "speech recognition, cross lingual, adaptation, Arabic".
  • Authors are invited to submit supporting data files, such as multimedia files, to be included on the Proceedings CD-ROM if their paper is accepted.

Creation and Proofreading of Final PDF

It is the author's responsibility to ensure that submitted papers use the correct styles, fonts, etc., as the Local Organising Committee does not have the resources to correct papers that do not adhere to these.

Paper submissions must be in PDF format. To convert your paper to PDF format, you can use commercially available tools (e.g. Adobe Acrobat), online conversion services (e.g. Create Adobe PDF Online), or freeware products (e.g. PDFCreator). Please ensure that no watermarks are introduced during the conversion process to PDF (some freeware tools do that).

The PDF file should comply with the following requirements:

  • there must be no password protection on the PDF file;
  • all fonts must be embedded; and
  • the file must be text searchable (hit CTRL-F and try to find a common word such as 'the').

So that the created PDF files are suitable for publication, authors who use Adobe software to create their PDFs should use these Job Options files.

Note that authors using non-Adobe software to create the PDFs must work out their own settings (in particular to ensure all fonts are embedded) to obtain suitable PDFs.

All authors must proofread their PDF file prior to submission to ensure it is correct. Authors should not rely on proof-reading the source document - please proofread the PDF file.

The proceedings editors will contact authors of non-complying files to obtain a replacement, to be submitted by a specified date. In order not to endanger the preparation of the proceedings, papers for which a replacement is not provided by the specified date will be withdrawn.

Online Paper Submission


Further Details on Paper Submission & Review

  • Inquiries regarding paper submissions should be directed via email to submission@interspeech2011.org.
  • Reviewers' comments will be sent to authors before May 26th, 2011, and successful authors will be permitted to review their paper in accord with the reviewers' comments. Revisions to the paper must be completed by June 9th, 2011.