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Interspeech 2011 Florence

Satellite Workshops

This is the list of satellite workshops linked to Interspeech 2011

AVSP2011 - Workshop on Audio Visual Speech Processing
August 31 - September 3, 2011, Tuscany, Italy (mail info@avsp2011.org for more information).

The 10th international conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP2011) will be held from August 31 to September 3, 2011, following INTERSPEECH2011. This conference is uniquely interdiciplinary, being focused on synergy effects of auditory and visual speech information on human perception, machine recognition, and human-machine interaction.
AVSP conferences have attracted a lot of researchers in various fields, such as psychologists, computer engineers, neuroscientists, linguists, phoneticians, and robot engineers. The program will consist of not only regular presentations (both oral and poster) but also lectures by invited speakers.

Blizzard_Challenge_2011 - Workshop on Evaluating corpus-based speech synthesis on common databases
September 2, 2011, Turin, Italy (mail blizzard@festvox.org for more information).

In order to better understand and compare research techniques in building corpus-based speech synthesizers on the same data, the annual Blizzard Challenges 2005–2010 were held. We are now pleased to call for participation in the seventh challenge: Blizzard Challenge 2011. The challenge is to take the released speech data, build one or two synthetic voices, and synthesize a prescribed set of test sentences. The sentences from each synthesizer are then evaluated through extensive listening tests. The results will be presented at a satellite workshop of Interspeech 2011 which will be scheduled for just before or just after Interspeech, at a location in Italy. A condition of participation in the Blizzard Challenge is the submission of a paper to this workshop. Accepted papers will be presented at the workshop, and published on the Blizzard website. Website:

Further Information: For further information please contact
A description of the challenge was published at Interspeech 2005:

CHiME 2011 -  Workshop on Machine Listening in Multisource Environments
September 1st, 2011, Florence, Italy

The International Workshop on Machine Listening in Multisource Environments will be held on 1st September, 2011 immediately following INTERSPEECH 2011 at the Palazzo dei Congressi. The workshop will consider the challenge of developing machine listening applications for operation in multisource environments, i.e. real-world conditions with acoustic clutter, where the number and nature of the sound sources is unknown and changing over time. CHiME will bring together researchers from a broad range of disciplines (computational hearing, blind source separation, speech recognition, machine learning) to discuss novel and established approaches to this problem. The cross-fertilisation of ideas will foster fresh approaches that efficiently combine the complementary strengths of each research field.

The workshop will also be hosting the PASCAL CHiME Speech Separation and Recognition Challenge. This is a competition supported by the EU PASCAL network and the UK EPSRC. For further details please visit the Challenge Website.

IWSDS2011 - Workshop on Paralinguistic Information and its Integration in Spoken Dialogue Systems
September 1-3, 2011, Granada, Spain

Following on the success of IWSDS2009 (in Irsee, Germany) and IWSDS2010 (in Gotemba Kogen Resort, Japan) this 3rd International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems (IWSDS2011) will bring together researchers from all over the world working in the field of spoken dialogue systems. It will provide an international forum for the presentation of research and applications and for lively discussions among researchers as well as industrialists.

This year's workshop designates "Paralinguistic Information and its Integration in Spoken Dialogue Systems" as a special theme of discussion.  We would also like to encourage discussions of common issues of spoken dialogue systems.

MAVEBA 2011 - Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications
August 25-27, 2011, Florence, Italy

The 7th International Workshop on Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications (MAVEBA2011) will be held on August 25-27, 2011, preceeding INTERSPEECH 2011, at Palazzo dei Congressi Villa Vittoria Piazza Adua 1, Florence, Italy. Speech is the primary means of communication among humans, and results from complex interaction among vocal folds vibration at the larynx and voluntary articulators movements. Since 1999, the MAVEBA Workshop is organised every two years, aiming to stimulate contacts between specialists active in clinical, research and industrial developments in the area of voice signal and images analysis for biomedical applications. This seventh Workshop will offer again the participants an interdisciplinary platform for presenting and discussing new knowledge in the field of models, analysis and classification of voice signals and images, as far as both adults, singing and children voices are concerned. Modelling the normal and pathological voice source, analysis of healthy and pathological voices, are among the main fields of research. The aim is that of extracting the main voice characteristics, together with their deviation from ?healthy conditions?, ranging from fundamental research to all kinds of biomedical applications and related established and advanced technologies.

MediaEval 2011 - Workshop on MediaEval Benchmarking Initiative
1-2 September 2011 Pisa, Italy.

MediaEval is a benchmarking initiative dedicated to evaluating new algorithms for multimedia access and retrieval. MediaEval focuses on speech, language and contextual aspects of video (geographical and social context). Typical tasks include predicting tags for video: both user-assigned tags (Tagging Task) and geo-tags (Placing Task). We are also audacious enough to tackle "subjective" aspects of video (Affect Task).

SLaTE 2011 - Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE)
August 24-26, 2011, Venice, Italy.

The ISCA (International Speech Communication Association) Special Interest Group (SIG) on Speech and Language Technology in Education (SLaTE) is delighted to announce our next workshop to be held in Venice on 24 - 26 August, 2011, at Auditorium Santa Margherita, Ca' Foscari University - Venice. SLaTE 2011 follows SLATE 2009 held at Wroxall Abbey Estate, Warwickshire, England, and SLaTE 2007, held in Farmington, Pennsylvania, USA. The workshop will address all topics which concern speech and language technology for education. Papers will discuss theories, applications, evaluation, limitations, persistent difficulties, general research tools and techniques. Papers that critically evaluate approaches or processing strategies will be especially welcome, as will prototype demonstrations of real-world applications.


Organising a Workshop?

If you are interested in organising a satellite workshop, or would like an existing event you are planning to be listed as an official satellite workshop, please contact Cinzia Avesani, ISTC-CNR, Padova ITALY. and check the call for Satellite Workshops. It is strongly recommended that proposals are submitted as soon as possible, since any INTERSPEECH satellite event needs to get a prior official approval by ISCA. Proposals should include: date and location of the workshop, a draft of the program, a list of the technical/scientific committee members.

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